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Our company is focusing on quality of care, transparency, communication and education. Everything we do is in furtherance of these goals. MedicTour Korea performs due diligence on healthcare works towards ensuring patient safety.  It is increasingly important to create a transparency in pricing as well so patients traveling overseas for care can be sure of what they are receiving without hidden costs or unforeseen expenses. The Medical Tourism Association™ is also working on the Quality of Care Project, which will change the way we look at the reporting of global healthcare statistics and the quality of care available at hospitals around the world.


Communication is the key to success, particularly with respect to ensuring positive patient outcomes


Although we live in a world where information is at our fingertips, there are so many people who lack the information that they can receive the highest quality of care outside of their home country.  Some patients just would like to travel outside of their country for healthcare to incorporate high quality of care with a holiday and tourism. Regardless of the reason, patients need education and information to understand what they should look for in finding a provider overseas and considerations that should be taken seriously to ensure patients’ safety.

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Online Consultation

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