Our Company  is one of the selected government registered medical tour provider in Korea.

Surgery fee will be paid to the clinic you chose directly after your consultation . Government set up the industry practice and standard mandate and all medical tour industry are bounded by those set of registration. Your rights as patients are very well protected.

We arrange all the logistics for your medical tour so that you can enjoy your stay and enhance your well being comfortably. We can take care of your surgery consultation , transport , booking with the clinic and post- surgery care including tour activities. You can have peace of mind that you’re your needs will be well taken care of professionally and friendly.

What We Do

A Provide the consultation and get the best price for you
B Online log- in system will indicate where your case are being progressed at each step with us
C Provide feedback from the doctor regarding your photos and procedure  
D Airport pick up and transport to the clinic
E Assist you with detailed personalized service
F Provide the choices of tour and leisure time during recovery


Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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