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Network with the best clinics

We have been in the medical tour provider for 5 years as registered with the Korean government.We have maintained the excellent network with the best clinics and we know exactly what the expertise of each clinic and doctors are. So our suggestion would be the customized for your unique needs and we will make sure that you will make an informed decision and this is the one of the value that we offer.


Personalized manager system

With your on-line login inquiry, your case will be handled by the personalized manager. So your inquiry, your arrival, accommodation, clinic and procedure will be handled in a professional way so you don’t need to worry about explaining unnecessary things. Rather you will enjoy that your whole experienced is well organized and attended in a professional way.


Clear and Affordable Price

Many people all over the world are visiting Korea for medical tour. In USA, patients with the serious illness such as cancer or ageing related operation such as hip or knee replacement due to the high level but affordable price in Korea.

Our role resembles a real estate agency in USA. When you buy a house, as buyer , you don’t need to pay anything.  Real estate agency is paid by the seller. The buyer can have peace of mind knowing that all the legal term is well taken care of, and the good price is obtained .  Seller prefers to dealing with the buyer with the agents  because they understand that they have high intention of purchasing backed by the professional.

As medical tour agency, we will get the best price for your own unique needs and we will make sure that your case will be handled professionally until the end. And you will pay to the clinic directly and save time and money.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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