Filler : Simple, natural beauty without surgery

What are the Advantages of Artecoll Filler?

  1. Safe product with certified quality
  2. Lasting effects with one procedure
  3. Economic benefits due to lasting effects
  4. Short surgery time
  5. Do not need recovery time

Nose Filler

Nose Filler

“Giving a three dimensional angle from the bridge of the nose to the tip!” Nose filler!

By injecting filler, you can achieve an elegant, smoothly contoured nose as if you had rhinoplasty.

Nasolabial folds

“Forget aging!” Nasolabial folds filler!

Deep nasolabial folds are one of the reasons that make patients look old. By filling wrinkled areas up with our filler, you will not only look at least 10 years younger, but also gain skin tightness.

Chin tip

“Creating V-Line during short time without surgery.” Chin tip filler!

Chin tip is a very important part for one’s facial contour. Correcting a small chin by injecting filler, a V-Line will be simply created in a short time.

Love Band

“Give volume to your lower eyelids and look younger!” Love Band Filler!

By injecting filler, more volume is created simply without any surgery. It will give you a brighter and cuter look.

Treatment areas for Restylane Filler

Short Surgery Time

Surgery time is only 10-20 minutes, and effects can be checked immediately after the injection. It is a suitable operation for busy contemporary people.

Finishes a Natural Look

Procedure does not affect facial expressions and achieves a natural look. Moreover, you can change your looks whenever you want.

Does Not Leave Foreign Substances in the Body

After a certain period, it is safely absorbed to the body without leaving foreign substances.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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