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Get rid of fat on 360° for perfection!
Better than diet

What is Liposuction?

Maximum Liposuction is a surgery that makes small incisions of 0.2~0.3cm in hidden areas to melt and suck fat. It operates a thorough suction with 360°turn to remove the maximum amount of fat and create a beautiful, slim body. It especially removes thin layers of fat and fat cells around the body for a visible and definite size reduction as well as creating a slimmer body line without recurrence.

STEP 1. 3D Ultra-Sound diagnosis will be carried out before surgery for an accurate analysis.

STEP 2. Based on the 3D analysis, consultation and design with a specialist will proceed.

STEP 3. Systematical and precise surgery conducted according to personal body type analysis.

STEP 4. Systematical, intensive aftercare for fast recovery.

Maximum Liposuction Areas

Advantage of Liposuction

  1. Definite size reduction
  2. Prevention of recurrence, continuous effect
  3. Minimal incision, no visible scars
  4. Minimal bleeding, fast recovery
  5. Safe anesthesia and recovery system

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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