Full HD Breast Augmentation

What is Full HD Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Unlike normal breast surgery that places emphasis on the size only, using a full HD endoscope, it create breasts with a natural-looking cleavage . Also, the texture is very similar to natural breasts..

Full HD Endoscope Tear Drop Breast Surgery that creates tear drop natural looking breasts

What type of breasts are considered beautiful?

Tear drop shaped breasts with a natural-looking cleavage.

After accurately analyzing your breasts through health checkup and ultrasonography, a specialist surgeon will have a consultation with you.

We select suitable type and size of breast implant and design a tear drop Y-line pocket that will fit the shape of your breasts.

A specialist’s detailed technology using full HD endoscope allows the implant to be inserted over or under pectoral muscles and allowing for natural motion of the breast.

No compression bandages

Using Full endoscope minimizes exfoliation, so the implants are do not move or change shape. Compression bandages are not needed.

No hospitalization

Short surgical duration, precise desquamation, less bleeding decreases recovery period. Hospitalization is not needed

No massage

Implants are located closely to the breast tissue, there’s no empty space inside the breasts where implants are inserted. Thus, extra massage after the surgery is not required.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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