What is Bambi Eye surgery?

Bambi surgery is for the eyes that require multiple surgeries including Ptosis correction, Epicanthoplasty, Lateral canthoplasty, and Lateral hotz canthoplasty. The top of the eyes as well as up, down, left, and right by all possible surgical operation to achieve the desired size and shape.
You can create beautiful and charming eyes through Bambi Eye surgery.

Enlarge the length and width of eyes

Benefits of Bambi Eye Surgery

  1. Big and defined eyes:Improve the eye size from every angle
  2. Customized surgery:Customized surgery considering the eye ratio and location of pupils.
  3. Almost no risk for recurrence:No risk for recurrence or revision surgery
  4. Minimized scars:Minimal incision resulting in almost no scars
  5. Quick recovery:Fast recovery almost no bruising or swelling

 What is Customized Barbie Line Rhinoplasty?

Rather than completing for the same nose shape through the same surgery; customized Barbie Line rhinoplasty completes for natural nose line by taking consideration of individual nose bridge, tip, nose alar and the difference of individual facial balance.
Suitable surgery method for primary surgery as the nose line can be freely adjusted for more suitable individual nose line.

Benefits of Customized Barbie Line Rhinoplasty

  1. Customized surgery for natural line, suitable with facial balance!
Find the golden ratio! Surgery is processed with “Facial Standardization Method”, developed by id Hospital to measure individuals ideal ratio. Surgery needs to planned with individuals golden ratio measurements for facial balance as every individuals faces are different.Nose length and height can be freely adjusted for trendy nose as two different implants is used for the nose bridge and the tip!    Silicone is firmly carved to suit individual face
Nose tip height and shape can be freely adjusted
No side-effect with ear cartilage (autologous cartilage) usage; doctor with years of experience and know-how will make the decision of usage quantity.Natural nose line just like my own with Customized Rhinoplasty surgery!

Face Contouring

 What is MVT Mandible Reduction?

Primary diagnoses of individual’s cheekbone width, mandible width and lower jaw width through V-Logic ratio diagnoses. For secondary diagnoses; based on the same cheekbone width criteria, diagnosing the possible reduction range.

○ Using the cheekbone width to assess the level of possible facial width reduction
○ Maximum reduction, avoiding the nerve lines
○ Natural effect in proportion to facial length.


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