Scars and Burns

Scar removal

In the department of dermatology, professional doctors perform a modern diagnosis and treatment of many skin diseases. Our scope of services covers the following diseases:

  1. Eczema and dermatitis;
  2. Fungal diseases;
  3. Herpes (psoriasis);
  4. Hirsutism (excess hair growth);
  5. Acne (pink and common);
  6. Diseases of the hair and nails;
  7. Viral diseases (herpes);
  8. Bacterial diseases;
  9. Allergic reaction;
  10. Reactions to medications;
  11. Warts;
  12. Spot (of different origin);
  13. Diseases of the hair roots;
  14. Diseases caused by ticks (facial and body);

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

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